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No, it is not a requirement for students or families to be Christians to attend.  While all teachers and staff are Christians, we welcome and respect students of different faiths. 我们有更多的信息 信仰的位置 about what to expect at each level with the Christian faith being incorporated into the classroom.  

是的, we offer several types of discounts and tuition assistance for families.

FCS is a nonprofit organization and the only private high school in the Tri-Cities. We partner with families to provide everyday kids both an extraordinary education and genuine encounters with Jesus, 所有这些都在一个充满同情的社区里. 了解更多关于FCS的不同之处. 


是的, many of our graduates have qualified for academic scholarships. 了解我们的成就 最近的毕业班


Parents who would like to volunteer in their child's class or for field trips must first complete the volunteer process. 了解更多关于 在FCS做义工.

FCS utilizes FACTS 家庭的门户 as a tool for parents to track how their child is doing in class and on assignments. Teachers continuously update and communicate through 家庭的门户 for the benefit of both parents and students. A 家庭的门户 account is set up when enrollment is finalized.

No. FCS是一个封闭的校园, 所以如果你愿意到教室来, you will need to have completed the volunteer application process and be approved. Specific parts of campus will remain unavailable to volunteers for the safety and well-being of our students.

查看更多关于成为一名 家长志愿者.

FCS成立于1968年. 2018年秋天,我们庆祝了成立50周年. 

了解更多有关 FCS的历史.


We have plenty of students whose first language is not English. For children in the age groups for early education, a language barrier is not an issue. 科学, it is shown that a young child's brain is like a sponge and is able to pick up on such learning fairly quickly. Our teachers are also equipped to help students understand English and build their communication skills.

不,早期教育的学费中包含了长期护理. Morning extended care hours are available from 7:00-8:00 AM; afternoon extended care is available from 5:00-6:30 PM. 

了解更多关于提供什么 早期教育学费.

是的, as part of tuition, lunch is included in each early education full-day program. 还包括上午和下午的零食.

No, but your child can bring a lunch from home so they can eat with their classmates. 您也可以通过我们学校的午餐供应商订购午餐. 

是的, FCS offers several ways for families to reduce the cost of tuition. 访问 学费 & 费用 了解更多. 

Each department is different, please review below to see which is applicable for your child.

老师:学生- - - - - - 2.5:12



学前教育 & Jr. 幼儿园部: 

老师:学生- - - - - - 2.5:24


老师:学生- - - - - - 2:24

A 0.5 teacher is a floater teacher who is in class for half the day.


小学 classes begin at 8:30 AM and, on regular schedule days, end at 3:15 PM. 

There are a few early-release and half days, so please check the FCS日历 为了时间表或 联系相关的校园办公室 确认.

Each classroom for transitional kindergarten through grade 5 has a limit of 24 students, 虽然平均尺寸在20左右. There are generally two classrooms available per grade level for K-5. The number of students per grade level varies, so some classrooms will vary from the average.


是的,我们对K-5的长期护理有不同的选择. Programs begin as early as 7:00 AM and end as late as 6:30 PM.

了解更多关于 长期护理.

是的, we offer a hot lunch program for transitional kindergarten through grade 5. Families are welcome to pack lunches and snacks from home as well. 请 联系相应的校园办公室 食物指南. 

是的, we partner with different vendors through the school year. Options have included chess, art, debate, robotics, music, public speaking, fitness, and more. 联系招生办公室 获取最新的课后课程表.


中学的第一节课早上8点开始, 早上7点开始上课. On regular bell schedule, the eighth period releases at 2:50 PM. 

There are a few early-release and half days, so please check the FCS日历 为了时间表或 联系相关的校园办公室 确认.

初中学生可以选择加入 长期护理 节目,直到下午六点半.

班级规模取决于所教授的科目. 初中(6-8年级), 平均班级规模约为19名学生, 而高中平均每班16人. 了解更多有关 中学教育校园概况.

是的,我们为6-12年级的学生提供热午餐. Families are welcome to pack lunches and snacks from home as well. 请 联系相应的校园办公室 食物指南.

我们的学术 & 大学咨询 Office offers a variety of support and opportunities to our students. Students and families can schedule individual meeting times with their counselor throughout the year.

了解更多关于 学术 & 大学咨询 在FCS.

访问我们的 中学校园 page for the most recent info on graduation prerequisites and requirements. Families can meet with their counselor to cover this info in more detail, specific to their student. 


是的, our international program is available from kindergarten through the end of high school, 提供6-12年级的寄宿家庭选择.

了解更多我们的节目 国际学生.

No, 国际学生不需要提交托福, SLEP, 或者雅思成绩,或者其他英语考试成绩. The application process evaluates a student's English skills and, 一旦学生被录取, he or she is placed in the appropriate English Language Development (ELD) level. 

了解更多关于FCS计划的信息 国际学生

是的, FCS has a homestay program for 国际学生 in grades 6-12. As part of the application process, each candidate completes a questionnaire. Our 招生 Committee then takes the student's indicated preferences into consideration when pairing him or her with an approved FCS host family. Alternatively, an international student may instead live with a parent at no additional processing. 

Homestay is not an option for our 国际学生 in grades K-5, 谁被要求与父母中至少一人住在一起. 

了解更多关于FCS计划的信息 国际学生.

对于大多数国际申请者来说, FCS schedules an online call (usually Skype or FaceTime) to conduct the admissions interview. 如果你打算去旧金山湾区,请 联系招生办公室 so we can schedule an in-person interview and arrange a campus tour.


拨打510.744.2241或提交一份 信息请求 form.


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